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​1. Cleaning and disinfection procedures for Hotels and residential insitutions - Click here
​2. Guidelines on Infection Prevention and Standard Precautions for Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures in Schools and Childcare Settings during an Infectious Disease Outbreak - Click here
​3.   Guideline for cleaning and disinfection of general workplaces during an infectious disease outbreak of public health concern - Click here
​4. Procedures For Workplaces In The Event Of A Member Of Staff Being Diagnosed With COVID-19 - Click here
​5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Mass Gatherings In Brunei Darussalam - Click here
​6. Advisory for Safe Use of Public Facilities and Other Venues during COVID-19 Click here
​7. Guidelines on what to do during self-isolation (do's and don'ts) Click here
​8. My Hero is You - A storybook for School Children on COVID-19 - Click here
9. Guidelines for Vulnerable Populations on COVID-19 - Click here
10. Garispanduan Menghadiri Acara Pengebumian Dan Aktiviti Seumpamanya Sewaktu Wabak COVID-19 - Click here
​11. Guidance for the shipping community: COVID-19 - Click here